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A four hour course designed to introduce new riders to the sport of off-road riding Open to All Ages Second Saturday of every month starting August 10th
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Travis Tollett 2013 AHRMA Vintage MX National - Rio Bravo Blog


Navy SEAL Inspired Obstacle Race

Feb 28 - March 1

Buckelew Motocross Training Classes

This training class is for racers of all skill levels that want to improve their riding technique as well as their racing skills. During the 2-day class we will be going over the proper techniques and body positioning for jumping, cornering, braking, and starts.

March 8, 2015

Round 1

EMX Championship Series

March 28 - 29th

An intense course including a minimum of 25 of our signature SEAL-inspired obstacles. This course will be a combination of a timed race for serious athletes, as well as standard heats, meant to encourage teamwork and foster the spirit of cooperation among participants.

April 17, 2015

Diamond Don's Riverport National AHRMA Event

Jefferson, Texas





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Updated : February 23, 2015


2nd & 4th Wednesdays

Come join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening at 8:30 under the pavilion. Kevin Johnson and Scott Willingham will be teaching through the book of Luke. Hope to see everyone there!
Thank you very much,
Scott Willingham

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Member Highlights

Rio Bravo

Members enjoying the pool at Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo


Check out this PDF of Rio Bravo Invitational World Championship Official Program from Aug. 1974


the Story in MINICYCLE Action Magazine from December 1974
(Page 44)

Rider Profile:
Peyton and Dylan Kaiser

Peyton on the Peewee Track

"Are you guys Ready??"

Dylan going to take a look at the night track

First time at Rio Bravo They had more fun than could be imagined. Peyton says her favorite part of the day was "falling off her 4-Wheeler and that next time she would go slower in the turn!"

Images Submitted by G.Kaiser
(the web guy)


Submit your photos from Rio info@riobravomx.com (incl. description)

Hours of Operation

NEW Normal Hours:

Saturday / Sunday 9:30am to Dusk

Friday 11am to Dusk

Wednesday 11am to 9pm

Member Flex Hours:

The track is basically open any time for members - To get your riding time. Follow the instructions below:

Members can put together a group of 5 or more riders. Then, e-mail Danny at Danny@riobravomx.com Give him the Member names, time that they want to ride, and phone number. Danny will open the track to accommodate your schedule, as well as update the track hotline to indicate those hours.

Riding Fee's

Individual Member

$20/Day Regular Light Prep
$30/Day Full Prep

Family Member

$10/Day any Day

For More Information

Track Hotline (281) 454 - 4440
E-mail Danny@riobravomx.com

11610 North Lake Houston Parkway, Houston, Texas, 77044

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